Florida is warming up to Delta-8 THC

Florida is warming up to Delta-8 THC

By: CannasleuthPhD

The hot new cannabis compound finding a loyal following is DELTA-8 THC.   And when you make your way to Florida for Spring Break or a much needed family reunion, you’ll find out that the Sunshine State has warmed up to the old cousin of Delta-9 THC ( hey – everyone does have a lot of relatives down here! ).  Here at Ganja Mon Vibes in Siesta Key, FL our “CannaSleuths” have been being digging in the crystal quartz sand down here to find the latest research and vibes on this amazing new cannabis experience.  

Discovered way back in the 60s, Delta-8 THC is now leading the way at Ganja Mon in the 20’s! Our Ganja Mon Delta-8 THC is strain-specific and made 100% from  Hemp plant CBD.  It is manufactured in two forms when extracted from the Hemp plant – Vape cartridge products and edibles such as gummies.  

At Ganja Mon Vibes although not a Medical Dispensary, we now carry both of these forms to balance your endocannabinoid system and let you enjoy a new and different cannabis experience.   You don’t need a Medical Marijuana Card to try this new “easy-going, chill vibe”.

It was found around the same time as the psychoactive cousin Delta-9 THC - but didn’t get much attention because of its lesser potency.  Most of our Ganja Mon users report, when vaped, some mild psychoactive feelings but not nearly as strong as Delta-9.  Our regulars tell us it gives no real sense of anxiety, like some SATIVA strains are known to cause.  

For our Ganja Mon Delta-8 THC Gummies,  science shows our body converts this edible form in to 11-hydroxy THC, a somewhat potent structure of the molecule that lasts 4-6 hours.  Delta-9 THC edible users have long reported the sedating effects when taken before bed, because it also is converted in the liver to 11-Hydroxy THC, so that is where the similarities  occur.

When our customers take our 100% organic, all-naturally flavored fruit chews before bedtime, they all report a better night’s sleep. 

Come by soon and we can tell you all about it.

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