Twitter Opens Up New Opportunities for Cannabis Advertisers with Latest Policy Update"

Twitter Opens Up New Opportunities for Cannabis Advertisers with Latest Policy Update"

Twitter has once again revised its marijuana advertising policy, this time to allow certified cannabis advertisers to feature packaged cannabis products in promoted tweets. The social media site previously updated its marijuana policy in February, which opened up advertising opportunities for cannabis companies to promote their brands and campaigns, and allowed them to link back to their websites in select legal states.

The new policy means that marijuana brand ads can now display packaged cannabis products in their ad creative. However, it is still unclear if photos of actual flower or joints out of their packaging are allowed as well. Twitter has also stated that it has made some changes for medical licensees and opened up additional recreational markets, although further details have not been provided.

The move comes after Twitter faced criticism over its initial update, with some calling for further expansion of advertising opportunities for cannabis companies. In a blog post, Alexa Alianiello, who works on Twitter’s U.S. sales and partnerships team and leads the company’s cannabis ads effort, stated that Twitter has seen many cannabis and ancillary companies run ad campaigns, bringing together the power of the platform and the value of the audience with the innovative products emerging in the cannabis space.

This latest update to Twitter’s marijuana advertising policy demonstrates the continued growth and acceptance of the legal cannabis industry. As more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, it is likely that other social media platforms and advertising channels will follow suit and revise their own policies to allow for more widespread promotion of cannabis products.

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